Saturday, June 25, 2011

I KNEEd Activity!

It has been difficult the last week staying off my knee.  I still continued with other things like arm weights and stretching; but I still wasn't content that I couldn't do anything else.  I find this odd seeing that I went a year and a half without doing anything and was ok. Yet again, I didn't really have a choice!
I'm excited to hopefully ease into more activity and maybe some light jogging to get my knee use to the feel of movement again. I'm also happy that because of focusing more on my stretching- my flexibility has improved immensely.  My arm weights are gonna well also. I've almost mastered my 8 lb weights (16lbs total) and am hoping to move to some heavier weights soon.
I'm still a little apprehensive about doing too much with my knee too soon; but, I have to try again some times!

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