Monday, July 18, 2011

Obstacles Galore

"Bad is never good until worse happens. "

The joint and knee pain has gone away! But, of course something else took its place. 
For about a week now I've been having issues with my blood preasure getting too low.  I was put on Fludrocortisone to help keep it up. But taking that came with its own problems. giving me some side-effects. After having it back up to my normal numbers I decreased a little on the Fludrocortisone and I don't think my body appreciated that too much seeing it's getting low again.  Right now, I am experiencing blackouts and dizziness along with some headaches and the "normal" nausea.  I continue to work with my weights and am proud to announce that I have moved from 2 8lb weights to 2 10lb weights!  As soon as some of this dizziness goes away I hope to be back up and running.  I knew there were going to be obstacles impeding my way to my goal but slowing me down is different then stopping me.

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